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Serving Fort Wayne Since 2000

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Remodeling and Home Design
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Landscape Management

“Sam was awesome, very knowledgeable,

very helpful, did a great job!”


-Melissa R., Fort Wayne

Landscape Management is “the application of aesthetic skill and technical knowledge to the care and stewardship of the landscape.” The Cornerstone Landscape Group cultivates exterior living environments by tending them with skilled technicians applying their talents and abilities to the management of your landscape investment.

The cornerstone landscape group can manage all your outdoor amenities

• Tree, shrub and flower care programs, including

     -application of horticulturally sound and properly timed pruning techniques

     -pest and disease identification and management

     -ecological fertilization and soil management strategies

     -floral management, including annual flower programs, nutrient care and dead heading

• Lawn care, including

     -precision lawn mowing with all the details

     -weed, pest and disease identification and management

     -ecological fertilization and soil management strategies

• Spring Landscape Restorations (call for details on this special service)

• Late Summer Landscape Rejuvenations (call for details on this special service)

• Fall Leaf Removal and Landscape Winterization

• Ongoing Landscape Bed Care, including weed management, pruning and mulch care

• Cleaning and Care of Outdoor Rooms, including Kitchens, Entertainment Areas and Home Resorts

• Deck, Patio and Garden Structure routine maintenance, including cleaning, sealing/staining, and repairs

• Landscape and Home Accent Lighting maintenance and repairs

• Water Feature Management, including ecosystem control and routine maintenance

• Irrigation System opening and closings, routine maintenance, and program monitoring

Cornerstone Landscape Mission
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