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holiday lighting



We appreciate your trust in us to install your holiday lighting. We hope that it brings joy and feelings of warmth to your entire holiday season.


Generally, you will experience no problems with your lighting displays. However, if you do have any issues, try these simple “fixes”:


If you plug in the timer and the lights don't come on (or if the lights have worked in the past, but are now not coming on, then proceed to #2):


1) Are you plugging in the timer during its programmed hours of operation (normally between 5:00pm and midnight)?

• If you are outside the programmed time, you will need to either adjust the timer program, or bypass the timer by removing the cord(s) that are going into the timer and plug them directly into the outlet. We recommend the second option, as the timers can be tricky to reprogram. If you want to reprogram the timer and have questions, call us and we can talk you through the programming steps.


2) Is the word “AUTO” showing on the timer display?

• If not, press the “MODE” button repeatedly until “AUTO” appears (you will see “OFF”, “ON”, “AUTO” & “RDM” options appear in sequence as you press the “MODE” button). With the timer set to “AUTO”, the programmed on/off time will now operate automatically (on daily between 5:00pm and midnight).


3) Is the outlet “powered”?

• Plug something else into the outlet. If it the outlet works, then there might be some type of issue with the timer. Please place a service call with us.

In the meantime, you can “bypass” the timer by unplugging the cord(s) that are going into the timer and plugging them directly into the outlet. Your lights won't go on and off automatically, but at least they will work until we can come out to reprogram or replace your timer.

• If the outlet is NOT “powered”, proceed to #4 or #5 below.


4) Is there a GFI that needs reset?

• Sometimes, for various reasons, a GFI outlet will “trip” and need to be reset.

• A GFI outlet is the type of electric receptacle that has two buttons on it in-between the two outlets (one says “RESET” and the other says “TEST”). If the GFI is tripped, you will need to press the “RESET” button.

• The GFI is not always on the outlet in which the timer is plugged. Many newer homes have all the exterior outlets on one circuit, and the GFI could be on a different outlet outside, or even sometimes on an outlet in the garage. One “tripped” GFI on a circuit can make all the outlets go out.

• If you reset the GFI and it immediately trips again, or stays on for a short while and trips, then place a service call with us.


5) Is there a circuit breaker tripped?

• Check your breaker box to see if the exterior outlet circuit has tripped.

• If you reset your circuit breaker and it immediately trips again, then place a service call with us.



If you plug in the timer and a large section of the display does not light up:

• There may be more than one timer. Check all around the exterior of the house for the second timer. If you can't find a second timer, place a service call with us.

• Also, check to see if any cords near the timer or along the ground appear unplugged.


If you want the lights off when they are on:

Simply unplug the timer. A battery runs the “clock” on the timer, so you won't disturb the program by doing this. Also, after the holidays and before we do the take down, this is what to do if you don't want the lights coming on anymore.



To place a service call during business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday - Thursday):

Call our office at 260.425.9933


To place a service after business hours:

Call our office at 260.425.9933 and leave a voice mail

(we check these regularly after business hours)


If you have an emergency, or a special party/occasion, or absolutely need immediate service:

Call Tim Pancake (260.410.1411) or Sam Collins (260.410.8420) and leave a voice mail if needed.

(you can call these numbers anytime, day or night, even on a holiday)


Our Service Program Guarantee:

We stand behind our product and installations 100%. If you call before noon on a workday, we will make every attempt to repair it the same day. Otherwise, we will be out the next day to make the repair. In an “emergency” situation, we will make every attempt to make the repair within hours.



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